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Get to know your candidates with our comprehensive portfolio of assessments. Combine assessments to reveal insights across the many dimensions of an individual.

Cognitive Aptitude

Uncover each candidate’s potential with cognitive aptitude, one of the best predictors of job performance.


  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Learning ability
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Concentration and focus
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Understand your candidates’ work styles and behavioral tendencies.


  • General personality
  • Workplace preferences
  • Sales or customer service fit
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Emotional Intelligence

Find candidates who have the empathy and understanding to succeed in the modern workplace.


  • Emotional perception
  • Emotional understanding
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Identify candidates who are conscientious, reliable, and able to follow rules and safety procedures.


  • Integrity/honesty
  • Ability to follow rules and procedures
  • Likelihood of being involved in an accident or other incident at work
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Assess basic competencies that candidates acquired through past experience.


  • Job readiness
  • Basic computer skills
  • Microsoft Office
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Measure candidates across multiple dimensions

Each person is a unique mix of passions, skills, and motivations that have yet to be discovered. We believe that human potential can’t be captured by a single metric, which is why we encourage organizations to assess candidates across multiple dimensions. We built a comprehensive and predictive suite of assessments designed to do just that.

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Innovative assessment design

We use cutting-edge technology to optimize the candidate experience.

Attract more candidates and increase accessibility by reaching candidates right on their mobile devices.

Adaptive Technology
Adaptive Technology

Tailor the difficulty level to the candidate, creating a faster, more predictive testing experience.

Game-Based Assessments
Game-Based Assessments

Take the candidate experience to the next level with short, fun, and engaging mini-games.

Our Science

Rigorous science that drives performance

Our stringent scientific standards are backed by leading scientific experts in I/O psychology. We rigorously validate our assessments to ensure that they are fair, objective, and predictive of job performance, allowing us to consistently deliver results for leading organizations around the world.

25 Million+ Tests Administered

15+ Years of Accumulated Data

1 Billion+ Item Responses


Rigorous science that drives performance

Assessments in a wide range of languages

We've delivered assessments to candidates across 60 countries. Learn more about the many languages we support.

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We service organizations big and small across every industry and job type. Explore what tests we recommend for your organization.

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