Don’t just hire great talent. Develop it.

Every hire is precious. Unlock their potential with Develop™, the talent development solution that helps companies build happy, high-performing teams and impactful leadership.

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Develop by Criteria platform for team development


A toolkit for building happy, high-performing teams

Develop™ equips every member of the team with talent management and development resources to accelerate their performance, all within the Criteria platform. 

Measure and Diagnose

icon for employee sentiment

Employee Sentiment

Measure and track employee sentiment and team health with TEAMscan.


icon for personality assessment

Personality Assessment​​

Unlock personality insights for every team member, plus team dynamics​.

Empower and Thrive

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Personalized, AI-powered Coaching​

Get targeted, 24/7 coaching and mentoring from Coach Bo.


icon for skills library

On-demand Skills Library​

Access a comprehensive skills library for improving teamwork​​ and collaboration.

Meet Coach Bo

Coach Bo is an AI-powered coach that lives at the heart of Develop™. Coach Bo is available 24/7 to provide personalized guidance, support, and mentorship to any employee, from C-suite to intern. Backed by the science of what makes great teams, Coach Bo is designed to provide:

  • Strategic advice
  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee development
  • Personalized guidance based on the team and individual’s unique profile
Coach Bo interface with sample prompts
TEAMscan assessment with sample question

Turn team feedback into fuel

Stay on top of employee engagement and sentiment with TEAMscan, a fast, anonymous, and honest pulse check based on the science of high-performing teams. Diagnose team strengths and areas of growth, and track improvements in team effectiveness over time. 

EPP personality assessment sample report with woman smiling

Give the gift of insight to every manager and team 

With Develop™, individuals can take a personality assessment that provides rich insights into their own workplace strengths, preferences, motivators, and development areas, plus dynamic advice for collaborating with every other team member. Managers can view the personality makeup of a team and access bespoke guides for each employee – ideal for onboarding and tailoring coaching.

Develop skills library

Goodbye micromanagement, hello engaged teams

Equip team members with the opportunity to enhance their teamwork skills through a robust skill library filled with actionable tips and discussion questions for employee development. Get tailored guidance on skills like grit and resilience, negotiation skills, SMART goal setting, and much more.  


Empower managers. Elevate individuals. Unite teams.

Develop™ offers unique benefits across every level of the organization, from the HR and L&D departments tasked with overseeing talent management and engagement, to the individual team members seeking opportunities for employee development.

For HR and L&D Leaders

Say goodbye to expensive, one-size-fits-all training that doesn’t stick. With Develop™, you have a clear picture of every team’s needs and the talent management tools to address them effectively. 

HR Leaders reviewing an iPad

For Managers

Transform managers from “meh” to magnificent by equipping them with better insights about their teams and 24/7 leadership coaching from Coach Bo, enabling them to inspire their teams and drive results. 

Manager crossing her arms

For Teams

From silos to synergy, Develop™ guides each team to unite and excel with the help of team development resources designed to bridge the gaps between diverse coworkers, even when they may differ across geographies, generations, and backgrounds. 

happy coworkers

For Individuals

With Develop™, each employee’s growth is in their hands. Give them the keys to employee development tools designed to enhance their skills, tackle challenges, and contribute to their team’s success. 

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Better Teams Drive Better Results

When teams perform at their best, they can make magic happen. Develop™ helps organizations improve:

team performance icon

Team Performance

Enhance team cohesion and productivity, creating an environment where collaboration is the norm and collective achievements are the standard.

employee engagement icon

Employee Engagement

Deepen employee commitment and satisfaction through targeted development, promoting a culture that attracts and retains top talent. 

retention icon


Develop™ enhances employee engagement and job satisfaction by aligning individual strengths with team goals, leading to increased retention.

collaboration and communication icon

Collaboration and Communication

Develop's Collaboration Guides facilitate better understanding and communication between team members.

onboarding and training icon

Onboarding and Training 

Elevate training from generic to genius. Ensure every team’s development journey is as unique as their fingerprint, leading to unmistakable results.

manager effectiveness icon

Manager Effectiveness  

Develop™ equips managers with tools and insights to better support their teams, like Manager Guides and 24/7 AI-powered leadership coaching. 

skill development icon

Skill Development  

With an extensive skills library and AI-powered coaching, Develop™ fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth. 

internal mobility icon

Internal Mobility  

Give your employees the tools to build their skills and facilitate career development conversations. 

leadership development icon

Leadership Development    

Empower your high-performing team members to hone their leadership skills and equip them for the next stage of their careers. 

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