Case Studies

Our collection of case studies demonstrates the diverse ways in which our customers are using Criteria to increase sales, improve the productivity of their workforce, and reduce turnover.

  • two tech workers on a computer

    Tech Bootcamp Cuts Interview Time in Half with Video Interviewing, and Candidates Love It

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  • two coworkers smiling

    JG Wentworth Lowers Turnover by 25% and Increases Sales by 17%

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  • people shaking hands

    Marine Federal Credit Union Improves Training Outcomes and Quality of Hire

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  • woman crossing arms

    Centris Federal Credit Union Improves Retention and Boosts Team Building

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  • woman on call

    Signpost Reduces Turnover Significantly and Increases Productivity

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  • collaborative meeting

    Near Cuts Time-to-Hire by Over 50% with Criteria

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  • business man

    Gallagher Bassett Optimizes Hiring with Assessments

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  • software engineers working together

    How Teladoc Health is Increasing the Diversity of its Software Engineering Team

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  • Woman smiling in a meeting with manager

    G&A Partners Gains Valuable Insights into their Candidates with Criteria

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