Case Studies

Our collection of case studies demonstrates the diverse ways in which our customers are using Criteria to increase sales, improve the productivity of their workforce, and reduce turnover.

  • software engineers working

    Technology Company Improves Performance of its Software Engineers

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  • man climbing into large machine

    Mining and Construction Company Reduces Risk of Accidents on Site

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  • Janitor

    Clean MD Reduces Turnover and Achieves Major Cost Savings

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  • lot full of cars

    Fleetcare Future-Proof with Criteria's Emotify

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  • man and woman fixing computer

    Macfab Achieves a 90% Hiring Success Rate with Criteria

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  • smiling doctor

    Schweiger Dermatology Group Reduces Turnover by 57%

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  • woman with headset

    Incept Saves Hundreds of Recruiting Hours with Criteria

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  • man with headset

    Call Center Reduces Turnover By 65% In One Year

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  • Massage therapist

    painPRO Therapeutics Reduces Time to Hire by 94%

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