Case Studies Mining and Construction Company Reduces Risk of Accidents on Site

The Challenge

A mining and construction company wanted to reduce the number of safety incidents that occurred at its work sites. The company, which operated major infrastructure and mining projects, was looking for a way to keep its employees safe and to reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries.

The Solution

The company partnered with Criteria to administer the Workplace Safety Profile (WSP) to its incoming job applicants. The WSP is a risk assessment that predicts the likelihood that someone may be involved in accidents or cause injury to themselves or others at work.

Criteria worked with the organization to evaluate the ROI of using the assessment in the hiring process. 112 of the company’s current employees completed the RWSA and were categorized into 3 groups:

Percentile categories

The Results

Upon analyzing each employee’s safety record, Criteria discovered that compared to the “low risk” employees, the “high risk” group had experienced:

Results of WSP

Based on these outcomes, the company easily demonstrated the ROI of the assessment, and continued using the WSP to assess applicants in the hiring process.

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