Case Studies Digital Marketing Agency Predicts Call Center Sales Rep Success

The Challenge

A leading branding, digital marketing and communication agency wanted to understand the relationship between Cognify (a game-based assessment of cognitive aptitude) and Emotify (an immersive measure of Emotional Intelligence or EI) and the performance of its outbound sales reps. These call center employees worked in a highly challenging, fast-paced environment which required the ability to quickly and accurately understand their prospects’ emotions, and to rapidly learn and apply new information.

The Solution

We compared employee results on Cognify and Emotify with employee performance indicators to determine the impact of the assessments on factors including outbound call volume and length, call quality and conversions.

The Results

We identified clear correlations between Emotify results and employee performance scores. Employees rated as ‘Top’ or ‘Middle’ level performers received higher average Emotify scores than those rated as ‘Bottom’ level performers. We found that higher EI - as measured by Emotify - related to more sales on average per day, and that those with higher EI stayed longer on calls with prospects and achieved more sales as a result of quality conversations.

In addition, we identified clear correlations between cognitive aptitude – as measured by Cognify – and performance ratings. The average Cognify scores for ‘Top’ and ‘Middle’ rated employees was higher than those employees rated as ‘Bottom’ level performers.

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