Pre-Employment Tests
For Transportation & Logistics Companies

The transportation industry often struggles with driver turnover. Pre-employment testing can help employers identify capable, reliable drivers and reduce instances of turnover.

The Statistics

  • The trucking industry employs more than 1.47 million people nationwide
  • The BLS projects 327,300 new jobs will be created in transportation and logistics over the next decade
  • The turnover rate for large trucking companies is 90%

Why Use Pre-Employment Testing

Transportation and logistics companies across the US rely on testing to help them manage their employee selection process. The trucking industry, in particular, experiences problems with driver shortages and high turnover. Testing can help identify capable, safe drivers quickly, leading to reduced turnover and shorter time-to-hire. Other positions logistics companies frequently use pre-employment testing for include dispatchers, supervisors, and sales and customer service staff.

What Tests to Use

The highest volume of hires for most logistics companies is drivers, and there are two tests in particular that are most frequently used to screen for them. The Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) is a general skills test that measures the basic literacy, numeracy, attention to detail, and problem solving ability that is correlated with success in the role.

The second test used for drivers is the Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST), a ten-minute test of attention and focus. The CAST measures a person's ability to concentrate on a single stimulus, as well as to multi-task effectively. Because it measures attention and focus, the CAST can be used to help predict safety risks.

Why Criteria

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