Pre-employment tests for Warehouse Managers, Operations Supervisors (First Line Supervisor of Laborers)

Pre-Employment Tests For Warehouse Managers, Operations Supervisors (First Line Supervisor of Laborers)

Top Skills and Abilities:

  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Coordination
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Oral Comprehension

Top 3 Tasks:

  • Enforce safety and sanitation regulations.
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the production or processing of goods, such as inspectors, machine setters, and fabricators.
  • Confer with other supervisors to coordinate operations and activities within or between departments.


Warehouse managers, or managers of laborers, coordinate and oversee all work activities. The job combines administrative duties and manual labor since supervisors sometimes assist workers during peak hours. As such, supervisors and managers need to be healthy and physically capable of operating machinery and equipment. Employees in this position also compile work schedules, examine equipment and freight for damage, and conduct regular performance reviews.


Supervisors and managers also need to have excellent listening and communication skills, since a miscommunication in instructions can result in a serious injury. Supervisors must also train employees and provide structure. Keeping workers motivated is also a critical component of the job, and supervisors need to be able to handle conflicts quickly and effectively. Most supervisors and managers have at least a high school diploma, and employees with an associate's degree or certification may be able to advance through the ranks quicker. Warehouse managers earn a median salary of $47,230 per year.

Assessment for Warehouse Managers, Operations Supervisors (First Line Supervisor of Laborers)

Personality is a large component of supervisory and managerial work, and pre-employment personality tests are a great way to identify the most suitable candidates. Personality tests provide key insight into applicants' behavioral tendencies and interaction style. They can therefore help hiring managers find candidates who have the right traits for managing others. The Employee Personality Profile (EPP) is one of Criteria Corp's most popular personality profiles. It is a general inventory of personality, evaluating twelve characteristics which include motivation, stress tolerance, and self-confidence. It can be used to select candidates in a wide range of positions, including supervisory and managerial roles.

For screening warehouse managers, the EPP is often paired with a general skills test, the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST), which measures verbal and math ability, attention to detail, and problem-solving, all skills and traits that are highly correlated with job success. Together these two pre-employment tests can give employers an indication of how good a fit a particular candidate is for a warehouse manager position. (Read our whitepaper to learn how testing can help close the skills gap by identifying potential.)

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Source: U.S. Department of Labor


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