Case Studies

Our collection of case studies demonstrates the diverse ways in which our customers are using Criteria to increase sales, improve the productivity of their workforce, and reduce turnover.

  • two nurses

    Family Health Clinics Use CBST to Predict Performance for Patient-Facing Staff

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  • customer service rep

    Call Center Reduces Turnover by Using CBST to Select Employees

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  • man smiling at woman

    Financial Firm Predicts Employee Performance with CCAT

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  • chef and restaurant manager

    Restaurant/Lounge Chain Increases Sales with Criteria

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  • Woman shaking hands

    Financial Institution Improves Recruitment Outcomes with Cognify and Emotify

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  • man in warehouse

    Unyson Logistics Uses CBST to Improve Hiring Success Rate

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  • two men looking at computer

    Advertising Firm Predicts Success for Inside Sales with the SalesAP

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  • lab workers

    Manufacturing Company Predicts Performance using Criteria

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  • retail sales associate

    Leading Apparel Retailer Increases Sales with Criteria

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