Case Studies Technology Company Uses EPP to Drive Increase in Sales

The Challenge

A technology company wanted to identify the factors that predict high performance in its salesforce in order to increase sales across the entire team. The sales role involved a long, consultative sales cycle for a highly complicated and technical product. Responsibilities of the role involved working with customers over email, phone, or face-to-face. Success within the role not only required sales agents to meet revenue goals but also to maintain high standards for customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The company administered the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) to 160 of its sales agents and compared their test results with the company's performance data, including sales revenue. The EPP is a personality test that evaluates individuals across 12 different traits and matches their profiles to various job types. For this study, the company matched sales agents' test scores with the Sales Match on the EPP.

The Results

The company found that sales agents who received a high Sales Match on the EPP closed significantly more sales. Those who matched below 65% on the personality test sold an average of $18,177,000 per year, while those who matched above 65% sold an average of $20,059,000. This means that the group that matched above 65% closed approximately 10% more in sales within a year.

Average sales chart

The data helped the company establish a baseline for accepting incoming job candidates with a Sales Match of greater than 65%, which helped to drive future growth in sales.

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