Case Studies

Our collection of case studies demonstrates the diverse ways in which our customers are using Criteria to increase sales, improve the productivity of their workforce, and reduce turnover.

  • Man working on machine

    Manufacturer Increases Training Completion Rates and Retention for Technicians

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  • Woman talking to coworker

    Cognify Predicts Success Across a Wide Range of Performance Metrics

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  • Two women shaking hands

    Emotify Helps Companies Hire Well-Rounded Team Players

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  • Security guard using walkie talkie

    Criteria Helps Armorous Improve Quality of Hire for Security Officers

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  • SBMA case study

    SBMA Reduced Time Spent Hiring by 63%

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  • two developers working on laptops

    Multinational Tech Company Modernizes its Employer Brand with Cognify

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  • man doing inventory

    Wholesale Distributor Improves Performance and Productivity

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  • Man with hard hat

    Manufacturing Company Hires More Diverse, Higher Performing Workforce

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  • man with hard hat in front of shipping containers

    Leading Transportation and Logistics Company Reduces Workplace Accidents

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