Case Studies Professional Services Firm Hires More Diverse and Higher Performing Employees

The Challenge

A professional services firm wanted to ensure that they were hiring graduates who had the right skills and were a good ‘fit’ with the organization, to be able to help it continue to grow in the future. They also wanted to:

  • Increase the efficiency and validity of their hiring process
  • Decrease unconscious bias and increase the diversity of candidates moving through to interview
  • Improve their employer brand by enhancing the candidate experience with the use of best practice recruitment technology.

The Solution

The employer approached Criteria to help them improve their recruitment process by incorporating assessments that would help them achieve their goals. Before deciding which candidates to interview, they asked all candidates to complete three assessments: Cognify, Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA), and Emotify.

Cognify Cognify brings psychometric assessment into the 21st century. We merged game design thinking with proven cognitive assessment methods to build an engaging and fun experience for candidates. Cognify is suitable for assessing a broad range of role types from entry-level to C-Suite and predicts overall work performance.

Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA) This assessment asks candidates to describe their ideal workplace using a standardized set of 20 work factors and compares these preferences to an organizational profile that describes what the organization offers its employees. By selecting candidates whose work preferences are aligned with what the organization provides, you'll build a more satisfied, engaged, and committed workforce.

Emotify Emotify is an ability-based measure of Emotional Intelligence (EI) that assesses a candidate’s ability to accurately perceive, understand, and manage emotions. Higher EI scores have been linked with better leadership skills, improved performance, and stronger interpersonal and social skills.

The Results

The firm immediately noticed large improvements in the efficiency of their recruitment process due to the higher caliber of candidates reaching the interview stage. Their recruitment team and hiring managers were able to spend significantly less time on previously time-consuming interviews, with a decrease of 2.3 hours for each hiring manager and a total of 115 interviewing hours saved.

The firm was also able to increase the diversity of candidates and received positive feedback about the enhanced recruitment process.

In addition, they noticed a significant improvement in performance across candidates hired using the updated process, with better collaboration, written communication, and technical skills.

"The entire process was very smooth and enjoyable. The use of Cognify was excellent." –Candidate Feedback

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