Emotional Intelligence



  • Emotional perception
  • Emotional understanding
Emotify score report

Test Description

Emotify is an ability-based measure of emotional intelligence that assesses a candidate’s ability to accurately perceive and understand emotions. It features two engaging, interactive assessments which together take about 20 minutes to complete. Research has shown that emotional intelligence, or EI, is associated with important work outcomes such as interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration and teamwork, motivation, and decision-making.

Score Reports

Each individual is given a percentile ranking, which is a relative performance metric that indicates how the individual scored in relation to others who have taken the test. For example, a percentile ranking of 65 means that an individual scored better than 65% of the group on which the test was normed. The score report also provides two subscore percentiles, as well as customized, recommended interview questions based on the candidate’s responses.

Game-Based and Device Agnostic

We designed Emotify to create an engaging and interactive experience for candidates, no matter the operating system, device type, or screen size. Based on user testing and feedback, candidate reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a more brand-positive assessment experience.

Validity Information

Emotify has been extensively validated with a rigorous and scientifically robust research methodology that was applied to all aspects of the development process, including gamebased design elements, image capture and rating, item development, user testing and feedback, and psychometric validation.