Case Studies Insurance Company Improves Performance and Increases Candidate Completion Rates


A large insurance company wanted to improve the process for recruiting case managers and ultimately drive better results across the organization. Case managers made up the majority of the business and, as a result, represented a high-volume recruitment effort. This organization wanted to supply data-driven insights to their recruiters and hiring managers while offering a candidate-friendly experience that would increase completion rates.



The company partnered with Criteria to administer two assessments, Cognify and Emotify. Cognify is a game-based cognitive ability assessment that measures problem-solving, critical thinking, numerical reasoning, and verbal knowledge. Emotify is an interactive emotional intelligence assessment that assesses someone’s ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions.

Criteria then conducted a study with the organization to identify the relationship between the assessments and a couple of important outcomes for the case managers, including job performance and retention.

The study included results from over 500 case managers.



The study found that both assessments were associated with better performance and retention outcomes.


Better Job Performance

Case Managers who received a score above the 50th percentile on Emotify were much more likely to be rated as a high performer.

84% of those who scored above 50th percentile on Emotify were rated as a high performer, compared to just 16% of those who scored below 50th percentile.


Higher Retention

The assessment scores were also related to employee retention. The study analyzed the difference between employees who were still at the company compared to those who had involuntary resignations.

For both Cognify and Emotify scores, current employees scored 9 percentage points higher on average than those who ultimately were involuntarily terminated.

This difference increased even more when the two scores were combined into an overall Suitability score. Current employees scored 13 percentage points higher on the Suitability score than those who were involuntarily terminated.


Better Completion Rates

In addition to performance and retention outcomes, the organization was also able to optimize the recruitment process by increasing the completion rate for their assessments. By reducing the total assessment time by 15 minutes, the company was able to increase candidate completion rates from 71% to about 80%, without sacrificing the predictive value of the assessments.



Company Size

1000+ Employees