Problems We Solve

At Criteria, we like to solve problems. We’re driven by our mission to help leading companies solve some of their most difficult business challenges.

We help our customers build more engaged workforces, improve retention, generate more revenue, increase productivity, and so much more.

We drive talent success.    


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What Criteria Delivers

Through innovative assessments, video interviewing, and talent management tools, we help companies surface talent by highlighting the potential within each candidate. Our assessments are validated to measure the qualities that predict job success. Together, our tools provide a talent signal that highlights the candidates who are most likely to succeed in a given role.

Talent is what drives any organization’s success. When each talent decision is approached in an evidence-based way, organizations start to achieve tangible, and often dramatic, results.


Results We Drive

Explore the many ways we drive talent success for leading organizations around the world.

Employee Retention

Find employees who will stay longer. Identify job candidates who are more likely to complete training, perform well, and be satisfied and engaged at work. LEARN MORE


Create a positive and engaging culture by bringing in job candidates who will enhance and add to the unique aspects of your company culture. LEARN MORE

Team Performance

Take your team’s performance to the next level. Our assessments predict job success and drive performance across individuals and teams. LEARN MORE


Get the work done by identifying candidates who are more likely to be productive and successful in their roles. LEARN MORE


Enhance the diversity of your workforce by leveraging evidence-based science to find high-potential candidates based on their abilities, not past experience. LEARN MORE

Reduced Bias

Get more objective. Our solutions drive decision-making that is based on science and evidence, not based on flawed human judgment. LEARN MORE

Candidate Experience

Attract the best and brightest. Wow your candidates with short, engaging, and innovative assessments, including game-based assessments. LEARN MORE


Talent Mobility

Find your future star performers. Identify candidates who will not only excel in their roles today, but also adapt and grow with your organization. LEARN MORE


Cost Savings

Save valuable time and money by increasing the efficiency of your talent decision-making and reducing costly employee turnover. LEARN MORE


Discovering Potential

Uncover the potential in every job candidate, regardless of background or experience. Measure your candidate’s abilities in an objective, predictive way. LEARN MORE

Explore Our Assessments 

We offer the most comprehensive suite of pre-hire assessments to help you make better talent decisions. When combined, our assessments heighten the talent signal and help you identify job candidates who will drive tangible results for your organization.