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Recruitment can be expensive.

Criteria helps organizations achieve cost-saving business results, all with the affordable, predictable cost of a subscription.


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Drive tangible cost savings with Criteria

Hiring costs money. It costs your hiring team time to read resumes, sit for interviews, and make their decision. It costs time to train each new hire. And if and when the new hire resigns (or is terminated), it costs time and money to start the whole process over again. That’s money you could be using to grow your business.

Our assessments help you save recruitment cash so you can use it for bigger and better things.

Assessments help you make better talent decisions. Better talent decisions lead to better outcomes – new hires perform better, they get up to speed faster, they’re more satisfied in their roles, and they’re less likely to turnover. It’s well known that turnover is one of the most expensive parts of managing a team, and reducing turnover plays a big role in reducing costs.

When Clean MD started using our assessments, they experienced a 53% decrease in staff turnover. They also found that their new technician hires’ performances were significantly better than previous hires, requiring less oversight from managers and ultimately reducing the need to pay overtime at high managerial rates. You can read the full case study here

A consumer finance company used the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) to predict candidate trainability. All candidates who scored highly on the CCAT successfully completed training, while only 49% of the low-scoring candidates completed training. Using the CCAT helped the company to select more capable candidates, resulting in much shorter (and more affordable) training periods. Check out the full case study here

On top of helping you to find better hires, the assessments also take on some of the recruiter’s workload, so each hire takes less time. Fewer interviews are needed when the assessments narrow down the shortlist.


Predict the ROI of assessments

Although the benefits are seemingly endless, it’s important to ensure pre-hire assessments are beneficial for your specific needs.

Return on investment (ROI) is a great way to measure if assessments are worthwhile for you.

To determine the ROI, calculate the total cost of using assessments. This includes our subscription cost, training costs, report interpretation, and any labor costs involved in implementing and managing the assessments.

Then calculate the gains—your saved costs from reduced turnover, extra sales from increased productivity, saved costs from reduction in accident and injury rates, and cut costs from time saved in the recruitment process. And this simple calculation doesn’t even account for intangible gains from hiring better, high performing employees who stay longer.

If your gains are higher than the cost of investment, then it’s worthwhile.

Check out our ROI Calculator for a quick and easy way to calculate your potential ROI once you start using Criteria’s assessments.


Criteria's pricing is tailored to you

Our pricing model is set up to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer tiered pricing so you can find the right subscription plan for you.

We charge a flat-fee subscription rate, so your recruitment budget stays predictable. All of our add-ons have transparent pricing, so you know the exact value you’re getting for your money.


Recruitment doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. With the right selection, you can reduce your employee turnover, training, and hiring costs.

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