Uncover the hidden potential within your graduate applicants

Criteria’s assessments and structured interviews are engaging, fast, and accurate, giving you a stronger prediction of performance to help you find top graduate talent.

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Engage your candidates 

Position your company as an employer of choice with innovative game-based assessments and brand-immersive structured video interviews.

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Minimize bias and highlight potential

Our rigorously validated assessments and structured interviews help to make the recruiting process fairer and more objective for all.

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Move the needle on business outcomes

We’ll work with you to achieve your goals, whether it’s to improve training outcomes, performance, retention, and much more.

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Innovative Assessments that Candidates Love

We’ve merged rigorously validated assessments with the latest in game design to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for today’s job candidates.

The science behind our assessments is based on decades of well-validated science designed to predict job performance. We designed our game-based assessments to measure these qualities in a fun and engaging way, helping you to identify top talent at scale, while bolstering your employer brand. Check out a few of our game-based assessments used for campus recruitment: Cognify, Emotify, and GAME.


Structured Interviews that Predict Performance

Pinpoint top graduate talent with structured interviews, which are 2x more predictive than unstructured interviews. Compare candidates fairly by assessing them with a clear, standardized, and objective rating system.


Reduce Bias and Bring in a More Diverse Team

The traditional hiring process of resumes and unstructured interviews can add a lot of bias into the campus recruitment process. Because recent or upcoming graduates have limited past experience, employers need a better way to assess future talent and potential. Criteria’s assessments and structured interviews minimize bias and allow candidates from all backgrounds to shine by focusing on objective qualities that more accurately predict job performance.

Candidates can take the assessments and interviews anywhere, at any time, widening your applicant pool. By evaluating candidates in a fair, objective, and structured way, you can quickly and easily highlight a diverse set of candidates who have the potential to succeed at your organization. 


Expert Support Tailored to You

Our team of experienced Consulting Psychologists and Customer Success Managers are here to provide the support and expertise you need achieve your campus recruitment goals.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager can help you select the right assessments, advise on the structure of your recruitment process, tailor training sessions for your teams, hold stakeholder workshops, and even help you identify role and industry-specific score range recommendations.

Whether you deliver the assessments through our robust assessment platform, or if you’d prefer to integrate our assessments via your ATS, we’re here to coordinate and support your needs.


Achieve the Business Outcomes that Matter

Criteria’s assessments are rigorously validated to predict real job outcomes, such as job performance, training pass rates, retention, and job satisfaction. For campus recruitment, our assessments have helped organizations hire more candidates who are better able to pass initial training, meet performance goals, receive more promotions, and stay at the company longer.

We’ll work with you to identify the critical outcomes you want to measure from the start, and continuously gather evidence to help you prove the value of the assessments to your organization as a whole.


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Filling entry-level roles is a labor-intensive prospect. Without an effective campus recruitment strategy, you could be missing out on candidates who hold incredible potential.

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