Get the scoop on best practices in hiring and pre-employment testing in these pre-recorded webinars.

To Measure Hiring Success, Move Beyond the Hiring Process

In this webinar, we discuss why you should evaluate your hiring success not solely on hiring metrics but also on organizational metrics that typically occur post-hire. We also identify the key predictive hiring tactics that move the needle on these metrics.

Talent Strategy: 2018 Trends in Pre-Employment Testing

We surveyed 350+ hiring professionals to develop our 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report on common hiring practices, priorities, and the latest HR trends. This webinar discusses some of the key insights from the data report.

Standing Out in a Candidate's Market: 5 Recruiting Strategies for Success

Attracting and evaluating high quality candidates is becoming more and more challenging. In this webinar, Sharlyn Lauby from HR Bartender discusses strategies for setting your candidate experience and employer brand apart from the competition.

What Women Want... At Work

Amyra Rand, Criteria's VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, joined a webinar panel hosted by #GirlsClub to discuss actionable steps companies can take to engage, attract, and develop women, particularly in sales.

7 Ways to Achieve Hiring Success in 2019

In this webinar, we outline some of the key ways that you can drive improvements in your hiring process, from improving the candidate experience to investing in more predictive ways to evaluate candidates.

Hiring for Soft Skills: 3 Strategies to Find the Best Candidates

92% of HR leaders agree that soft skills are a top priority when finding great talent. This webinar defines soft skills, explores their importance in the workplace, and provides 3 strategies for identifying these skills within your candidate pool.

Pre-Employment Testing 101: A Crash Course

Curious about pre-employment testing? Whether you need a refresher or you're brand new to testing, this webinar provides an overview of the types of pre-employment tests, the benefits of using them, and the best practices for implementing a successful testing strategy.

How Game-Based Assessments Can Enhance the Candidate Experience

Out of today's competitive hiring landscape, game-based assessments have emerged as a new way to evaluate candidates' skills and abilities in a quick, unobtrusive, and even fun way. Join Brad Schneider, Criteria's VP of Assessment Science, as he sheds light on what game-based assessments are and how they can improve the candidate experience.

Future-Proof Your Workforce by Hiring for Trainability

Organizations continue to be challenged by today's job market, especially when it comes to finding candidates with the right set of skills. In this webinar, we explore how "trainability" can be used to identify candidates with the most potential to learn new skills and grow within your company over time.

Companies Killing the Millennial Hiring Game

Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce. In this webinar, a panel of experienced hiring experts come together to share their best tips and tricks for attracting and hiring millennial candidates.

Avoiding the Bad Manager Problem: Best Practices for Hiring Successful Managers

Every company says that people are their most valuable asset, so why do so many organizations have bad managers? In this webinar, we discuss the importance of selecting managers who are good at managing people, and we cover the best practices for identifying people with the necessary managerial competencies.