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To Attract Candidates During COVID-19, Rethink Your Job Perks

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In a matter of months, COVID-19 turned our nation’s recruiting landscape from a candidate’s market to a job drought. In the midst of the pandemic, individuals are stressing about their health, more candidates are applying for remote work, and families are losing access to childcare services. In this hiring climate, in-person perks aren’t as attractive as they used to be. Talent that used to be lured by fancy ping pong tables or endless espresso are now seeking companies that will provide stable benefits and flexible work options. As applicant motives shift, so should your recruitment strategy.

Here’s how to navigate recruitment marketing during the current hiring climate:

1. Spotlight Safety

During a pandemic, feeling safe at work is a top priority for job seekers. A recent poll found that over half of Americans are worried that they might be exposed to COVID-19 at work. Reassure candidates that your company is complying with federal regulations and CDC recommendations and specifically mention what steps you are taking to avoid employee exposure. Strict social distancing guidelines, frequent office cleanings, and face mask requirements are a few things to point out to prospective employees.

2. Emphasize Job Security

During COVID-19, physical safety isn’t the only thing weighing on the minds of job applicants. In a recent survey, 55% of Americans said they were concerned about job security. If your company has the means to assure your top choice a long-term role or even a contract, be sure to emphasize that. If your company cannot promise them a lasting role, then honesty is the best policy. Avoiding this topic or exaggerating your means could lead to unsatisfied employees and increased turnover.

3. Promote Flexibility

The recent uptick in remote work is likely here to stay. Research has found that work flexibility can reduce employee stress and turnover, but these kinds of policies used to be the exception and not the rule. Now that the pandemic has forced many organizations online, executives are finding that working from home can work just fine. Companies like Twitter and Square have announced that their employees will be permitted to continue remote work indefinitely. As flexible work becomes the new norm, it will be an increasingly important means of luring top talent.

4. Highlight Health & Wellness

Finally, during a pandemic, personal health is a pressing concern. Point out the ways that your company goes above and beyond to promote employee wellbeing. Excellent insurance coverage, paid sick days and comprehensive wellness benefits are all great ways your organization can attract candidates.

COVID-19 has caused a drastic change in our economy and the priorities of job seekers. Top candidates will more likely be lured by exemplary health insurance over a fancy office space. It’s no longer a booming economy and candidate’s market. Rethink your organization’s marketing strategy and advertise safe benefits over flashy perks to meet your current hiring goals.

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