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Personalized Feedback and the Candidate Experience


What do candidates want most from completing a job application? Aside from landing the job itself, of course. We wanted to better understand how candidates feel about today’s hiring process. To do so, we created the 2022 Candidate Experience Report, based on survey data gathered from nearly 2000 candidate from around the globe. Whether it’s related to their resume, interview, or assessment performance, candidate feedback is highly valued.

CE Report Candidate Feedback Graph

We found that almost unanimously, candidates are eager to receive feedback on their performance. Just 1% of candidates didn’t like receiving feedback on their assessment results. Providing this type of feedback to your candidates gives them something in exchange for the time and effort they spent applying to your organization.

And this makes sense – feedback is one of the four key pillars of a positive candidate experience (the other three being fairness, communication, and clear expectations). In fact, the number of candidates who report having a positive candidate experience increases 20% when they’re given feedback on their assessment performance.

If you’ve made (or are planning to make) pre-employment assessments a part of your hiring process, consider assessments that provide candidate-facing results. For example, Criteria offers a candidate-facing report called Workplace Insights that gives applicants direct feedback and details on their assessment performance, plus information on their strength and even areas for potential growth and development.  Actionable feedback that helps candidates understand where they stand or how to improve is the most valuable type to give.

Providing feedback is a great way to build rapport with job seekers. It also sets you apart from the competition: more than half (56%) of candidates don’t receive any feedback after an interview.  Giving candidates insight into their performance helps to establish trust and respect. Keep in mind that for 95% of people, your job application is their first experience with your brand. Integrate feedback wherever you can in your hiring process to leave a positive impression on every job seeker who applies to your organization – not just those you choose to hire.

If you want to learn more about creating a positive hiring experience and what candidates are looking for when job hunting, download your copy of Criteria’s 2022 Candidate Experience Report today.

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