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Attract, Evaluate, and Hire Entry-Level Candidates: Webinar Recap

How to Hire Entry Level Candidates

Hiring entry-level candidates can be a special kind of challenge. Entry-level roles are, by definition, entry-level, requiring no prior work experience. But this actually makes it more difficult to identify the right candidates for the job.

After all, most of the applicants will have limited experience, which means it can be extremely difficult to determine who is the most likely to succeed based on a resume or interview alone. If anything, the resume can be misleading or even cause unconscious bias to affect who gets invited to the interview. In the absence of real job experience, recruiters end up looking at a candidate’s educational attainment, the school they went to, or even the unpaid internships they’ve held in the past – all of which have more to do with a person’s access and opportunities, and less to do with how successful someone will be in the role.

To compound the issue, entry-level job openings are also the most likely to get a ton of applicants, by virtue of how few requirements there are. This means that employers have to evaluate a high volume of candidates based on a very limited set of criteria - a daunting challenge.

In this webinar, our panel discusses the best practices for attracting, evaluating, and ultimately hiring entry-level talent. The webinar explores:

  • How to craft a job description that sets the right tone
  • Ways to source candidates effectively while encouraging a diverse applicant pool
  • Six qualities that predict job success (and that you can measure!)
  • Ways to highlight your company’s workplace culture and values
  • The important role of candidate experience.

Want to take your entry-level hiring to the next level? Catch the webinar on-demand.

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