Basic Computer Skills Tests

Why Basic Computer Skills are Important in the Workplace

It goes without saying that basic computer skills are critical for success in a wide variety of jobs in the modern workplace. Knowing how to navigate a computer desktop or an internet browser isn’t just essential for accomplishing the day-to-day responsibilities for most positions – a grasp of basic computer skills also speaks to how easily someone can be trained on new software or computer-based procedures. Knowing a candidate’s level of computer knowledge signals how much time you would need to spend training him or her on basic computer functions, enabling you to make more informed hiring decisions based on the demands for that particular role.

The Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK) is a test that measures basic proficiency with common computer applications like email and word processing programs as well as Internet browsers. The CLIK is a 10-minute test that begins with two 3-minute simulations. These simulations ask the test-taker to complete a series of simple but common computer-based tasks. The simulation portion of the test is followed by ten multiple choice questions. Because the test covers basic computer literacy that is applicable to a variety of jobs, it can be administered for any position that requires basic computer skills.

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