Attention to Detail Tests

Why Attention to Detail is Important in the Workplace

Attention to detail is one of the abilities that employers and hiring managers look for the most in job candidates. This should come as no surprise – the skills associated with attention to detail are widely applicable to nearly every type of job. Most importantly, employees who are detail-oriented are less likely to make mistakes that could potentially cause damage to an organization. Grammatical, spelling, or mathematical errors, while seemingly minor, can cause internal confusion or harm a company’s reputation. As a result, attention to detail is an important skill for nearly every type of position.

A test geared towards entry-level positions is the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) which assesses attention to detail along with a number of other skills associated with job readiness and trainability. The CBST measures attention to detail through basic spelling, grammar, math, and language skills questions. This test is applicable to a wide range of jobs, including administrative, clerical, and customer service positions.

Similarly, the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) measures attention to detail as one component of general aptitude. The test also measures the related abilities of problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to learn, digest, and apply new information. The CCAT is designed to test mid- to higher level positions usually requiring a college degree, and it has demonstrated high predictive validity for jobs as diverse as managerial positions, software engineers, financial analysts, auditors, and much more.

Another test, the Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST), specifically measures concentration and the ability to sustain focus on certain tasks while avoiding distractions. It evaluates a candidate in several categories: Divided Attention (multitasking), Selective Attention (Vigilance and Filtering) and Perceptual Reaction Time. Designed to reduce errors in jobs that require high levels of concentration, the CAST is used to test truck drivers, security guards, casino gaming dealers, air traffic controllers, and many more.

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