Test and Data Security

We take security very seriously in order to provide our customers with a service that is dependable, reliable, and secure.

Test Security

Our goal is to enable organizations to make better talent decisions through assessments that provide an accurate and reliable predictor of job performance. In order to ensure this, we employ several measures increase the security of our assessments and minimize the opportunity for gaming or faking the assessments.

For example, we use dynamic testing to deliver different items to different test takers, reducing item exposure. We also employ adaptive technology to deliver different items to test takers based on their ability level, not only reducing the ability to game the assessments but also making it possible to deliver a shorter and more accurate result.

For personality assessments, we employ several measures can flag invalid results if the test taker provides inconsistent or distorted responses. This enables employers to make a more informed employment decision and to consider requesting a retest.

Data Security

We employ several measures to reduce vulnerability in our IT systems and data. In addition, we collect minimal PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and manage all information in accordance with GDPR and CCPA. To learn more about our approach to cybersecurity, visit our Cybersecurity FAQs