How are the tests priced?

Unlike most testing providers, we don't charge any per-test fees. Instead, our customers pay an annual subscription fee and get unlimited use of all our tests.

Why is flat-fee pricing better for customers? Here are three reasons:

  1. Predictable costs: You will know exactly what your total cost is before you get started.
  2. Lower total costs: Subscribers almost always end up spending much less than they would under a pay per test model.
  3. Reduced time spent on hiring process: Pre-employment testing adds the most value when it is done early in the hiring process. But testing all applicants is very expensive if you're paying for each test. Our "all-you-can-test" model encourages active use, and allows to you to make your hiring process more efficient by using tests at the top of the "hiring funnel."

What are the subscription costs?

The annual subscription fee for HireSelect is tiered based on the size of your organization — our customers range from 3-person medical offices to Fortune 500 companies with more than 10,000 employees. The annual subscription includes unlimited access to all our tests, as well as product training and support.

HireSelect is much more than a test delivery service. Our standard version provides help with test selection, analytical tools that provide suggested score ranges and additional data to help you interpret scores, and the ability to deliver online applications or gather resumes from applicants. HireSelect Pro contains a variety of other features that allow you to better track and manage your applicant pool, including customizable email templates and automated workflows for communicating with your applicants, and interview scheduling. Learn more about HireSelect Pro.

Call us at 877-909-8378 or email us at for a quote on HireSelect or HireSelect Pro today.

HireSelect HireSelect Pro
Aptitude, Skills, and Personality Tests Yes Yes
Unlimited Testing Yes Yes
Score Reports Emailed to Your Inbox Yes Yes
Suggested Score Ranges by Position Yes Yes
Job Profiler/Test Selection Tool Yes Yes
Analytics/Candidate Comparison Yes Yes
Ability to Collect Resumes Yes Yes
Online Job Applications Yes Yes
Unlimited Training and Support Yes Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Yes Yes
Blind Hiring Feature — Learn more Yes Yes
Branded Candidate Test Center Yes
Customizable Candidate Emails & Automated Candidate Workflows Yes
Ability to Collect Additional Documents from Candidates Yes
Interview Scheduling Yes
ATS Integration* Yes

* Some applicant tracking system integrations may involve additional fees