Pre-employment tests for Real Estate Property Managers

Real Estate Property Managers

Real estate property managers function as a liaison between tenants and property owners. Managers are responsible for ensuring that their property is in proper order and coordinating upkeep based on the tenant's needs. They also screen tenants' credit and criminal history and collect rent. They combine the duties of administrative managers with that of real estate agents; essentially, their job involves an element of sales as well as managerial responsibilities. They need to communicate clearly and effectively with tenants and owners, relay messages, and work with attorneys if litigation is needed.

Property managers need to have a strong comprehension of risk assessment, oversee structural repairs, and keep a smooth working order and line of communication between owners and tenants. As a result, applicants must possess excellent customer service skills. They need to be able to assess a situation and determine the optimal solution, whether that means working directly with a tenant, contacting an outside source, such as home maintenance service, or notifying the property owner. A high school diploma or the equivalent is generally required.

Property management companies most commonly use skills and personality assessments to help provide valuable insights when making their hiring decisions with regards to property managers. The two tests used most commonly by Criteria Corp customers when looking to hire property managers are the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) and the Employee Personality Profile (EPP). The CBST assesses math and verbal skills, attention to detail, communication skills, and critical thinking, all important skills and traits for property managers, and the EPP measures personality traits important for sales and customer service, which are two important elements of the property manager's role.

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Fast Facts

Rank in HireSelect:
28 out of 1,100

Median wage in U.S.:
$57,040/year or $27.42/hr

Expected growth rate 2016-2026:

Number employed (2016): 249,600

Education level of Real Estate Property Managers:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top 5 Skills and Abilities to Look For in Real Estate Property Managers

  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Active Listening
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Communicating With Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Oral Expression

Top 3 Tasks for Real Estate Property Managers

  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and improvement of commercial, industrial, or residential properties.
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate general maintenance, major repairs, and remodeling or construction projects for commercial or residential properties.
  • Direct collection of monthly assessments, rental fees, and deposits and payment of insurance premiums, mortgage, taxes, and incurred operating expenses.
Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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