A company's employees are its most important asset. Hiring and retaining the best talent is now more important than ever, and pre-employment testing helps you make more informed hiring decisions. The result is more productive employees, reduced turnover, and less time and money spent on hiring and training costs.

Unfortunately, setting up a pre-employment testing program can be expensive and time-consuming. HireSelect® is the solution: a cost-effective web-based system that allows you to implement a pre-employment testing program in minutes.

Check out the tour below to learn why over 2,100 organizations trust HireSelect for their pre-employment testing needs.

HireSelect: Quick Tour

HireSelect is a web-based pre-employment testing system that features:

  • Aptitude, personality and skills tests designed by some of the world's leading testing experts
  • An intuitive, user-friendly service that requires minimal training and makes implementation easy
  • Real-time scoring
  • NO per-test fees

Customized Test Batteries For Over 1,100 Positions

Implementing a successful employee testing program begins with choosing rigorously validated, job-related tests. HireSelect's Job Profiler tool helps with test selection. It allows you to search the US Department of Labor's O*Net database of over 1100 job profiles, and recommends a customized test battery based on the skills and abilities required for a particular job. You can customize these batteries by adding or removing tests based on the specific job requirements at your organization.

Administer Tests Remotely Or On Site

HireSelect contains a variety of aptitude, personality and skills tests, and allows you to test candidates either remotely or at your place of business. The "Administer Tests" module allows you to send test access info to candidates by email. For higher volume testing you can set up a link for testing candidates on site, or link to the tests from an online job posting or the Careers section of your company's website.

Test Results Available Immediately

Tests are scored in real time and the score reports are emailed to you and also stored in the Results section of your HireSelect account. Here the results can be viewed, filtered, archived and exported. You can also opt to make the hiring process "blind" with a feature that hides the names and email addresses of your candidates. Read more about our blind hiring feature.

Score Reports That Are Easy To Understand

Score reports for each test will be different, but most skills and aptitude tests include both a raw score (number of questions answered correctly) and a percentile ranking that indicates how well someone did relative to other test-takers. Score reports for personality tests are generally a little more complex, but will usually contain percentile ranking for specific traits, and sometimes an overall score based on a weighted combination of some or all of the traits measured.

Analytical Tools That Help You Use Results

HireSelect's Results section also contains an interactive feature called "Candidate Comparison" that helps you to better understand and manage test results for large applicant pools. You can better understand your applicant's scores by comparing them to the rest of your applicant pool, and to national averages for similar positions and historical average for your company. Recruiters also use Candidate Comparison to help them filter through large applicant pools and set cutoff scores for each test.

Create & Deliver Your Own Tests

HireSelect also contains a basic test-authoring tool, TestMaker, that allows customers to develop new tests or adapt existing ones for delivery through HireSelect. TestMaker makes it easy to build tests that measure knowledge of industry- or company-specific content, and supports a variety of questions formats. Many customers use TestMaker post-hire, to measure the effectiveness of their training programs and diagnose retraining needs.

Streamline Your Hiring With HireSelect

Since many customers administer HireSelect tests in the earliest stages of the hiring process, HireSelect also allows customers to create and deliver online job applications through HireSelect, and to gather resumes from applicants. So companies that don't want to pay for an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) use HireSelect as their one-stop online hiring solution. For bigger companies that use an ATS, HireSelect can be seamlessly integrated into most ATSs.

Learn More About HireSelect

There are many more features in HireSelect. Check out our Test Portfolio to learn more about our tests, or Start a Free Trial today.