What is Job Fit?

Definition of Job Fit:

Job fit is a concept that refers to how well an employee is suited for his or her position. Hiring employees who are the best fit for their positions is a great way for an organization to decrease turnover (both voluntary and involuntary) and to improve employee retention rates. In general, employees who are well-suited for their positions will be happier and more productive, which can have a positive impact on company morale and ultimately benefit a company’s bottom line.

There are endless factors that can influence job fit, or job suitability. Personality, for instance, can have a major effect on how happy or content an individual will be in a particular position. Job candidates who are non-assertive may be unhappy in a managerial position, while extroverted individuals may be dissatisfied working in a role that involves minimal human interaction. Employment personality tests can be used to assess a wide range of personality traits associated with job fit so that companies can feel more confident that their employees will be content in their positions.