Criteria Announces New Partnership With Workable

LOS ANGELES, CA - Criteria Corp, a leading provider of pre-employment testing services, announced today that it has partnered with Workable, the all-in-one recruiting software trusted by over 6,000 companies. The partnership provides joint customers of Criteria Corp and Workable with the ability to administer tests and access results directly within the Workable platform.

Criteria Corp offers aptitude, personality, and skills tests that are used by thousands of companies and organizations.

"Our mutual customers are looking for best of breed technology to help them streamline their recruiting processes and identify top talent — the integration with Workable gives customers just that," said Amyra Rand, Criteria Corp's VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships. "It is a seamless experience that allows our mutual customers to integrate assessments into their recruiting platform, helping them to get an objective predictive data point on their candidates with the click of a button. We've already got a number of integrations live, and the feedback has been tremendous!"

"The recent launch of our Partner Developer Program makes integrations easier and faster," said Heath Allen, Workable's Director of Partnerships. "We're thrilled to be able to partner with Criteria Corp so soon after launch. Their service brings value to Workable users through specialized assessment tests, without interrupting the established flow of the recruiting pipeline. It's great to partner with companies that provide vital pre-employment screening that we know our customers will use and trust."

One of Criteria's customers, AmpThink, recently integrated Criteria's testing platform with Workable's recruiting software. "The integration between Criteria Corp and Workable is outstanding — two great products now working together in unison to create flexibility and convenience for employers," said Lisa Morganelli of AmpThink. "Test batteries created in Criteria Corp can be utilized at different stages of the Workable hiring process and customized to each job posting, with individual test results now permanently embedded in an applicant's Workable profile. This new integration is so coherent, it's impossible to tell that Criteria Corp is not simply a feature of the Workable hiring platform."

About Criteria Corp.

Criteria Corporation is the leader in web-based pre-employment testing. Criteria's HireSelect® service is web-based software that allows companies to implement a state-of-the-art employee testing program quickly and cost-effectively, without needing to spend money on costly consulting services. HireSelect features employment aptitude testsemployment personality tests, and basic skills tests. To find out more visit

About Workable

Workable puts enterprise-level recruiting technology into the hands of small and medium-size businesses to find and land top talent. For hiring managers and recruiters, Workable's intuitive recruiting technology feeds the talent pipeline through more effective sourcing. For hiring teams it provides collaborative tools, intelligent reporting and a better candidate experience. Based in Boston with offices in London and Athens, Greece.

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