Criteria Corp Releases New International Aptitude Test

LOS ANGELES, CA - Criteria Corp has launched a new internationally-friendly aptitude test, the Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test, or UCAT. The UCAT measures general cognitive aptitude, one of the most predictive factors for job success.

Similar to the CCAT, Criteria’s most popular aptitude test, the UCAT measures critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and logic, all elements of cognitive aptitude. The UCAT and the CCAT measure many of the same abilities and are therefore highly correlated with each other.

"What makes the UCAT different is that it deemphasizes verbal ability so that the test is ideal for use with non-native English speakers and international candidates," said Josh Millet, CEO of Criteria Corp. "The UCAT places more of an emphasis on problem-solving, attention-to-detail, and data interpretation, making it a particularly great assessment for testing quantitative and analytical positions."

The UCAT is a 20-minute test with 40 questions. The test is written in English but can easily be translated into other languages or used as a test for non-native English speakers.

About Criteria Corp.

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