Criteria Corp Adds Computer Literacy Test to HireSelect

LOS ANGELES, CA - Criteria Corp, a leading provider of pre-employment testing services, today announced the addition of a new computer skills test to its HireSelect® software. The Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK) measures an individual's proficiency with basic computing skills, including the ability to utilize internet browsers and common desktop applications such as email and word processing programs. The CLIK consists of two task-oriented simulations followed by a section of multiple choice questions.

"The CLIK was developed based on customer requests and feedback. Our customer base wanted a way to measure basic computer skills, because computer literacy is an indispensable skill in the 21st-century workplace. The CLIK gives HireSelect subscribers a quick, efficient way to measure a candidate's proficiency using a computer," said Josh Millet, CEO of Criteria. The CLIK is available to all HireSelect® subscribers starting today.

About Criteria

Criteria Corporation is the leader in web-based pre-employment testing. Criteria's HireSelect® service is web-based software that allows companies to implement a state-of-the-art employee testing program quickly and cost-effectively, without needing to spend money on costly consulting services. HireSelect features employment aptitude testsemployment personality tests, and basic skills tests. To find out more visit

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