Criteria Corp Announces Distribution, Licensing Partnership With Skillsarena

LOS ANGELES, CA - Criteria Corp, a leading provider of pre-employment testing services, today announced the conclusion of a reciprocal distribution partnership with U.K.-based Skillsarena. Under the terms of the partnership, Criteria will incorporate Skillsarena's Microsoft skills tests into its HireSelect® service and Skillsarena would market selected Criteria test titles in the U.K.

"We're very excited about working with Skillsarena. This partnership provides us with a proven distribution partner in the U.K. and we believe that incorporating Skillsarena's computer skills testing titles into HireSelect will enhance the value of our service," said David Sherman, Criteria's COO. "This is truly a win-win arrangement for both companies: Skillsarena needed psychometric tests, and many of our customers have been asking about Microsoft skills and computer literacy tests. Our partnership with Skillsarena allows both companies to address their respective needs."

Criteria expects the integration of Skillsarena's tests into HireSelect will be completed by late May.

About Criteria

Criteria Corporation is the leader in web-based pre-employment testing. Criteria's HireSelect® service is web-based software that allows companies to implement a state-of-the-art employee testing program quickly and cost-effectively, without needing to spend money on costly test consulting services. HireSelect features employment aptitude testsemployment personality tests, and basic skills tests. Criteria's test development efforts are guided by its Scientific Advisory Board, which includes several of the world's foremost experts in cognitive psychology, psychometrics, and statistics. To find out more visit

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