Case Studies Manufacturer Increases Training Completion Rates and Retention for Technicians

The Challenge

A major publicly traded manufacturer was seeking to improve the performance and retention of its technicians. The technicians at the company are skilled machine operators, responsible for operating and monitoring equipment while adhering to strict internal protocols. Every technician is also required to take three probationary tests in order to pass the initial training process. The company’s goal was to increase the training completion rates of its new employees, and to increase their tenure at the company.

The Solution

The manufacturer partnered with Criteria to administer two assessments to their existing employees: the Criteria Mechanical Reasoning Assessment (CMRA) and the Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP). The CMRA is an assessment that measures a person’s ability to understand and operate machinery, while the WPP is a risk assessment that evaluates a person’s ability to adhere to rules and to be productive and conscientious at work.

The two assessments were administered to 1,340 of the company’s technicians.

The Results

The study found that both assessments were strongly correlated with performance and retention for the technicians.

Higher CMRA scores helped to predict which employees would be able to pass the three probationary tests. Employees who met the recommended CMRA benchmark were 2.3x more likely to complete all three probationary tests compared with those who did not meet the benchmark.

Higher CMRA scores were associated with longer tenure at the company. Employees who met the recommended CMRA benchmark accrued 2.8x greater tenure compared with those who did not meet the benchmark.

The WPP was also associated with greater tenure for the technicians. Employees who received a rating of “Recommended” or “Highly Recommended” on the WPP were 58% less likely to be terminated compared with those who did not receive that rating.

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