Case Studies Financial Institution Improves Recruitment Outcomes with Emotify

The Challenge

A large Australian financial institution was seeking to improve its recruitment outcomes for graduate candidates. The company wanted to drive higher quality candidates through every stage of the hiring funnel and ultimately increase the likelihood that these candidates would accept a job offer.

The Solution

The company decided to use Emotify along with a cognitive aptitude assessment to evaluate job candidates at the start of the hiring process. Emotify is a game-based assessment of Emotional Intelligence, or EI. Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to perceive, use, understand, and manage emotions. In employment settings, EI helps employees relate better to others, exhibit empathy, and motivate their team members.

The Results

The organization partnered with Criteria to examine the relationship between the scores on Emotify and subsequent performance at different stages of the recruitment process: specifically the candidate’s performance in a video interview, and the candidate’s likelihood of accepting a job offer.

For the video interview stage, they found that the top 20% of scorers on Emotify (High Scorers) were 58% more likely to be successful in the video interview than the bottom 20% of scorers (Low Scorers).

For the job offer stage, they found that the top 50% of scorers on Emotify (High Scorers) were 21% more likely to accept a job offer than the bottom 50% of scorers (Low Scorers).

score charts


Financial Services

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