Case Studies Call Center Uses Emotional Intelligence to Predict Performance in Reps

The Challenge

A leading branding, digital marketing, and communication agency wanted to understand the impact of emotional intelligence on success for its outbound call center sales representatives. The organization was interested in learning more about the relationship between performance in a challenging outbound sales environment, and the ability of employees in those roles to perceive and understand emotions when interacting with customers.

The Solution

The organization decided to administer Criteria’s emotional intelligence assessment, Emotify, to its call center representatives. The results from Emotify were then compared with key performance indicators for outbound sales performance, including outbound call volume and length, call conversions, and call quality.

The Results

Clear correlations were evident between the emotional intelligence and performance scores of employees. Top and middle rated performers scored higher on average on Emotify than lower rated performers. The analysis showed that higher EI related to more sales on average per day, and that those with higher EI stayed on longer calls with prospects, and achieved more sales as a result of quality conversations.

emotional intelligence and performance chart


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