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What Customer Success Means to Us


Customer service is core to who we are as a company. We strive to deliver an exceptional level of support to all of our customers, and our amazing team of Customer Success Managers makes this all possible.

This year, we were honored to receive a Stevie Award as one of the outstanding Customer Service Departments of the Year among computer software companies. The award is a validation of all the great customer feedback we’ve received over the years about the outstanding work that our Customer Success team does every day.

From the moment a new customer subscribes to our testing platform, our Customer Success Managers are there to provide unlimited training and support throughout the entire process to help them meet their hiring objectives. But it goes beyond that. We wanted to hear directly from the team what customer success means to them.

What does customer success mean to you?

“Customer Success means going above and beyond for my clients. It means when they have a question, I use whatever resources I have available to me to get them precisely what they need. It means making sure they’re taken care of to the best of my abilities and exceeding their expectations.”

Sabrina Baseman, Senior Customer Success Manager

“For me, Customer Success is a support system and partnership created to accomplish the customer’s goals.  My clients come to me for a reason, and true Customer Success is witnessing those pain points alleviated and the customer’s goals met.”

Kayla Mulligan, Senior Customer Success Manager

“It means being a valued resource. I love when a customer wants to discuss test results, an open position, and even talk about how a hire is working out. These conversations are priceless, and they make me a better CSM for all my customers.”

Stephanie Murken, Customer Success Manager

“To me, customer success means I am there to make sure my client is as satisfied and successful using our system as possible, all while making sure they have a fun, friendly face to help them through any questions or concerns.”

Quentin Wheeler, Customer Success Manager

“Customer Success means being a trusted business partner who is here to discuss your needs and collaborate to find solutions to fit your specific process.  Whether you have a quick question or a more complicated issue you’re looking to solve, I love being able to help make your day a little easier!”

Farah Fima, Senior Customer Success Manager

“To me, customer success means arming our clients with a tool chest full of education and materials, so they feel confident enough to use our product effectively and accomplish the goals they had in mind when they made the decision to purchase. At the same time, it’s also about building rapport and a professional relationship so that when that confidence is lacking or when unforeseen issues arise, they know they have an easily accessible resource in me who is happy to assist.”

Eileen Quinn, Customer Success Manager

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