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How Assessments Help - Even When You're Not Hiring

Assessments can be used - even when you're not hiring - to keep your workplace in tip-top shape.

It’s well-established that assessments are an important addition to the hiring process. They help reduce bias in candidate selection, provide insight into a candidate’s abilities, and identify candidates who have the highest potential to succeed. But what about when your organization has decided to hit pause on their recruitment efforts? Does it still make sense to use assessments even when you’re not actively hiring?

Assessments can be used at any point in the employment process – not just before a person is hired. Evaluating the members of your team is a valuable practice that can have far-reaching impact on the efficacy and effectiveness of your workforce. Let’s take a look at the top three ways assessments help your organization – even when you’re not hiring.

Improving Team Dynamics

Communication is key to success in business, especially within your organization. It drives collaboration, improves productivity, and is key to a healthy workplace. But because everyone has different styles of communication (both with how they deliver and receive information), it’s important to remember that effective communication isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Personality assessments can be used to better understand the different communication styles of your team members. For example, Criteria’s own Talent Insights assessment is an excellent tool that helps managers understand the strengths and preferred communication methods of their team members, allowing them to tailor feedback and improve collaboration.

Whether you’re hiring or not, understanding the personalities that make up your workforce will help increase team cohesion and foster a positive work environment, improving your overall performance as an organization.

Driving Professional Development

A top priority among employees today is the opportunity for growth. In fact, a 2021 survey shows that if a company made efforts to invest in the career development of their employees, 94% of respondents said they would stay longer with the organization. And in light of the Great Resignation, any reliable way to reduce turnover is a welcome relief.

When you’re not hiring, you can give assessments to your current employees to help you determine different skills gaps within your workforce. You can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals on your team and work with them to develop a plan that helps them meet their professional goals.

And investing in your employees’ professional education does more than improve retention – it also boosts your bottom line by upskilling your workforce.

Supporting Internal Mobility

Beyond just developing your workers in their current role, assessments can be used post-hire to help you identify which of your employees are great candidates for different roles within your organization. When hiring slows (or freezes altogether), knowing how to leverage your current workforce can help you bridge the gap caused by unfilled positions. Hiring from within with internal mobility is a great way to achieve this. But just like with external hiring, figuring out who is the strongest fit can be a challenge.

Assessments can help you identify which of your employees would be well-suited for other roles within your organization. Aptitude testing can be used to help you discover which entry-level employees are brimming with untapped potential. Personality testing can be used to determine if there is a different role within your organization that they would be a great fit for.

Internal mobility is an invaluable tool for making the most of your workforce during when recruitment efforts are paused. Simultaneously, you are investing in the fulfillment of your current employees by promoting them into new and exciting roles that allow them to meet their personal career goals.

Assessments are a valuable tool in the workplace

Whether you’re hiring or not, assessments are an excellent managerial tool that you can leverage to make the most of your current team. Personality assessments can be used to improve communication and collaboration across your organization, while other assessments can be used to drive professional development in your workplace.

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