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An Introduction to Pre-Employment Testing


If you’re new to pre-employment testing, it can be a little daunting to get started.  At the most basic level, pre-employment tests are assessments you give to applicants during the hiring process. There are dozens of reasons why you might be interested in using assessments in the hiring process. Say you’ve noticed that your new employees aren’t passing through training at a high enough rate. Or you notice that your employee turnover is on the rise. Or you want a way to raise your general quality of hire. The list goes on.

Pre-employment tests can improve all of these hiring pains by providing scientifically-validated data to help you make more informed hiring decisions. The results you get from these assessments aren’t designed to replace your own ability to make a decision, but they provide you with more tools to make the smartest hiring decision that will lead to tangible benefits in your business. In fact, pre-employment tests are one of the most predictive hiring criteria for on-the-job performance, leading to higher productivity and lower turnover while saving you time and money in the hiring process.

Businesses of all sizes are using pre-employment tests to get better hiring results. To learn what all the fuss is about, download our whitepaper: What Are Pre-Employment Tests? A Primer.

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