Motivation Tests

Why Motivation is Important in the Workplace

Motivation is a key personality trait in the workplace because motivated employees are more likely to be productive and goal-oriented. In order to succeed in nearly every type of position, employees need the drive to get things done and the ability to follow tasks through to their conclusions. Motivation is also associated with other related personality traits such as achievement, commitment, and goal orientation.

Motivation is most commonly measured using personality assessments. Personality tests generally do not ask questions with right or wrong answers. Instead, they seek to uncover whether or not a candidate possesses a set of personality traits associated with both strong performance and job comfort in a particular position.

Employers looking to hire sales associates often use personality tests to assess motivation in their job applicants. The Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP) is one personality test tailored to measure the traits most associated with success in a sales position. It calculates a motivation score based on other related traits including achievement, competitiveness, and goal orientation. Another similar personality test, the Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CSAP), measures the same personality traits to determine how suited a candidate is to a customer service role. Customer service employees with high motivation are more driven to respond to and solve the needs of their customers.

While motivation plays a clear role in sales and customer service positions, motivation is a trait that benefits nearly every type of job. By using a more generalized personality test such as the Employee Personality Profile (EPP), employers can use personality tests for a wide variety of positions to see how well each applicant’s personality traits match with a type of job. The EPP measures motivation in addition to the following traits associated with job performance: Achievement, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Conscientiousness, Cooperativeness, Extroversion, Managerial, Openness, Patience, Self-Confidence, and Stress Tolerance.

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