About TestMaker

Want to assess your job candidates on a specific skill or job-related knowledge? TestMaker is a test authoring tool that allows you to create, edit, and deliver your own tests. This flexible tool makes it easy to create custom tests to administer to candidates pre-hire, as well as to create ongoing training assessments and employee surveys post-hire. 

Test for Industry Knowledge

When you are looking for a candidate with knowledge about your particular industry or company, use TestMaker to create a custom test that evaluates them on that specific subject matter. For example, create a test on legal knowledge in your region, or on awareness of new technology in your industry. 

Assess Specific Skills

If you need candidates who have a very specific skill set, TestMaker allows you to create custom tests that evaluate their proficiency in those skills. For example, create a test to see if they have bookkeeping skills or if they know how to operate certain machinery. You can even create your own custom typing test

Track Training Progress

Throughout the training and onboarding process, use TestMaker to create custom tests that evaluate each new employee’s understanding of the training material. These assessments can help you track your employees’ progress and adjust the training programs accordingly. 

Survey Your Employees

TestMaker includes a survey-creation tool that makes it easy to survey your employees. The tool can be used to send out employee engagement surveys, 360-degree reviews, requests for feedback from your staff, and even employee polls about where to go for the next after-work happy hour.

TestMaker Features

  • Analytics for each of your custom tests
  • Timed or untimed tests
  • Question randomization
  • Ability to add images to your questions

TestMaker Question Types

  • Multiple choice
  • True/false
  • Yes/no
  • Open ended
  • Check all that apply