Create, Manage, and Cultivate High-Performance Teams

Talent Insights is a powerful tool that helps organizations improve engagement and performance by empowering teams with insights designed to drive self-awareness, communication, and collaboration.



Build strong, cohesive teams

Talent Insights uses Criteria’s personality assessment to provide managers, individuals, and teams with objective insights into their work, communication, and interaction styles. By creating self-awareness at the individual level and shared understanding within groups, Talent Insights helps individuals and teams understand and adjust team dynamics to improve performance through greater collaboration and trust. The result is more meaningful employee engagement and higher team performance.  


Expand your team’s self-awareness

For individuals, Talent Insights empowers every member of your team to learn about themselves so that they can develop and thrive at work. After taking Criteria’s personality assessment, team members can access personalized reports within the Talent Insights platform, along with helpful advice about their own work style, their strengths and potential challenges, and areas for development. If enabled in the platform, individuals can view the reports of their fellow team members to learn more about each other. They can also access Collaboration Guides, which provide actionable tips for strengthening collaboration with each of their team members.  


Coach your team members to success

For managers, Talent Insights provides the tools to understand each and every team member on an individual level. The insights help managers have more meaningful 1-on-1s by highlighting ways to tap into each individual’s strengths or to help them improve in areas that may be challenging. Managers can also use the insights to improve coaching and development efforts so that they can provide each person with the support they need to succeed. Create teams by department, function, or even teams that will work together on short-term projects.

"We were able to shift our teams’ focus and amend responsibilities to better cater to each team members’ strengths."

- Criteria Customer


Cultivate a balanced team

Talent Insights provides a view of your entire team’s makeup, giving managers and team leads objective information to diagnose and reduce barriers to communication and increase cohesion. The tool also helps managers make stronger hiring decisions by providing an additional layer of understanding about how a candidate may interact with an existing team.

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