Criteria, Revelian, and Alcami Interactive Enter 2022 as a Unified Brand, Positioning the Organization as a Multi-faceted Global Leader in the Talent Space

LOS ANGELES, CA — January 17, 2022 Criteria, a market-leading SaaS talent success platform, announced today that it has fully integrated its Australia-based organizations, Revelian and Alcami Interactive, into a unified global brand as Criteria

“The integration of our organizations has proven to be a natural progression because of our complementary cultures, product sets, and value propositions,” says Josh Millet, founder and CEO of Criteria. “I’m excited to start the new year as one company and brand across all the geographies we operate in and to be part of this movement to improve talent decision-making on a global scale.”

In February 2020, Criteria acquired Revelian, a leader in the field of emotional intelligence and game-based assessments. Since the acquisition, the two organizations have integrated its scientifically validated assessments across five major categories: aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, risk, and skills. This also allowed for a seamless entry into the APAC market for Criteria’s intuitive assessment platform - ultimately strengthening the combined organization’s offerings to customers on a global scale. 

The acquisition of on-demand video interviewing platform, Alcami Interactive, shortly followed in February 2021. The strategic acquisition allowed Criteria to introduce the power of Alcami’s advanced structured video interview capability to its North American customers and further expand its international presence by offering its assessments to Alcami’s customer base. 

Since 2020, Criteria has more than doubled its number of employees (175 globally), gained over 1,000 new clients, and has opened a new Australia-based headquarters in Brisbane. The company will continue to expand its international presence by offering new products, including a deeper expansion into post-hire solutions for customers globally. 

“We’re continuing the commitment to innovation and new product development that you’ve come to expect from both Revelian and Alcami, and that Criteria is well known for too,” says Millet. “We have a lengthy roadmap of new product launches and feature enhancements planned for 2022 and beyond.”


Criteria is a talent success company that helps organizations make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive outcomes. Our world-leading tools include a comprehensive suite of rigorously validated assessments and decision-making tools that highlight the potential in every job candidate while providing an experience that candidates love. We take a scientific approach to every product we build by rigorously validating for results, ensuring transparency, and designing a human-focused solution that drives best practice hiring.


Kristen Grossi



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