Criteria Corp Partners With Hyrell to Expand Web-Based Hiring Solutions

SCRANTON, PA - Criteria Corp, the leading provider of pre-employment testing services, is pleased to announce the launch of a distribution and content partnership with Hyrell Online Hiring Systems, the preferred web-based hiring solution.

Hyrell's integration with Criteria Corp's software system will provide customers the opportunity to perform online assessments of incoming applicants, including personality and skill sets. Applicants' aptitude can be evaluated across a wide variety of job types and responsibilities, providing an additional layer of applicant evaluation. By utilizing Hyrell's software, businesses are able to advertise job listings both locally and nationally, automatically evaluate incoming applicants, communicate directly with applicants and pre-qualify candidates efficiently and effectively.

"We are extremely proud of this new partnership with Criteria Corp," says Brian Clark, CEO of Hyrell, "We are confident that this integration of top-level service providers will lead to a consistent and comprehensive hiring process for employers across the nation."

"We are pleased to be making our tests available through Hyrell," said Josh Millet, CEO of Criteria Corp, "Hyrell's software helps companies streamline their hiring process. By administering Criteria's tests to their applicants, Hyrell's customers will be able to gather objective, reliable data on prospective employees in a timely, cost-effective way."

Hyrell Online Hiring Systems is a privately owned provider of web-based hiring solutions. Hyrell provides leading-edge hiring solutions to small to medium-sized businesses as well as franchise operations in a variety of industries. These solutions are built with industry best practices and are designed to efficiently locate and identify the best quality applicants for any organization. For more information, please call 1-877-695-0194 or visit

About Criteria Corp. 

Criteria Corporation is the leader in web-based pre-employment testing. Criteria's HireSelect® service is web-based software that allows companies to implement a state-of-the-art employee testing program quickly and cost-effectively, without needing to spend money on costly consulting services. HireSelect features employment aptitude tests, employment personality tests, and basic skills tests. Criteria's test development efforts are guided by its Scientific Advisory Board, which includes several of the world's foremost experts in cognitive psychology, psychometrics, and statistics. To find out more visit

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