Criteria Acquires Exclusive Licensing Rights to MRAB, Test Battery Developed by Harvard University Psychologists

Innovative cognitive aptitude battery described as "blood pressure cuff for the mind."

LOS ANGELES, CA - Criteria Corp announced today that it has executed a licensing agreement with the Harvard University Office of Technology Development that will give Criteria the exclusive rights to market the MRAB test battery as an employee selection tool. The MRAB, or MiniCog Rapid Assessment Battery, was developed by a team led by Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, Chair of the Harvard University Psychology Department.

The MRAB consists of a series of nine electronic "tasks" that measure a test subject's attention, working memory, and problem-solving ability. The entire battery takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Dr. Kosslyn and his team originally developed the MRAB for NASA, who wanted a way to measure the effect of extended space travel on the cognitive performance of astronauts. The MRAB, which Dr. Kosslyn has also called a "blood pressure cuff for the mind," has also been administered on the top of Mt. Everest by at team of climbers who took the test on their Palm Pilots.

Unlike most cognitive aptitude tests, the MRAB does not emphasize traditional verbal or math skills, but instead measures the subject's information processing power by presenting a series of tasks that require a test-taker to maintain concentration over a sustained period of time, focus on relevant information and ignore distractions, perform tasks that tap short term memory skills, and solve problems.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to market the MRAB, and to work with Dr. Kosslyn, Jennifer Shephard, and the rest of their team," said Criteria CEO Josh Millet. "Research has shown that cognitive ability is the single best predictor of job performance, and the MRAB is based on the latest research in the field of cognitive neuroscience. We believe that it will give companies valuable new insights into predicting employee performance, especially in jobs that require sustained attention and concentration skills."

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