Our customers love us! Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we take pride in offering a testing service that makes the hiring process easier and more efficient for employers in a wide range of industries. Criteria Corp recently achieved an incredible Net Promoter Score of 68, with 95% of our customers stating that they would recommend our service, HireSelect, to colleagues or friends. Here is what just a few of our customers had to say about us:

"We absolutely love the system. The testing has made a major difference in the quality of individual we hire. The people we have hired using HireSelect consistently score higher on all metrics."

Shalva Geffen
Customer Service Training Specialist

"HireSelect is off the charts amazing. It has changed the way we hire and offer salary packages. Honestly we paid for it with our first hire. We have streamlined our hiring procedure and practices by 50%...Kudos to a great product."

Adam Licht
Scandia Seafood Inc.

"HireSelect made it easy for us to implement a pre-employment testing solution. In the call center industry, turnover is a constant challenge. HireSelect helps us identify high performers and increase our hiring success rate by giving us objective data that predicts a candidate's job performance."

Sam Falletta
Incept Corp.

"HireSelect has been a great help. We're now much more easily spotting training areas if we want to hire a superstar who is weak in one single spot – we can send them to train up before the flaw becomes a liability, helping us to avoid potential costly hiring mistakes. Thanks to your tools, we've also given a second look to candidates who then went on to succeed."

Duncan Campbell
Human Resources Recruiter
Lifestyle Hearing

"As part of a startup made up of a doctor and a few engineers, we all felt a little out of our element when we started needing to hire more employees. Lacking any direct experience in hiring, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of time I was investing in reviewing resumes and by a total lack of clarity about which candidates to pursue amidst a stack of resumes.

Criteria’s HireSelect platform was a tremendous relief to us by providing objective valuations of the competencies and emotional traits we needed for our position. In the 24 hours from when I sent all candidates the link to the assessments, our candidate pool transformed from a pile of 50 seemingly equivalent resumes to 5 clear candidates.

We decided to interview one 'good on paper' candidate whose resume was strong but tested poorly, as well as 5 high scoring candidates. Every candidate we interviewed was a good fit EXCEPT the one who scored poorly on Criteria’s tests. We quickly made a hiring decision and have benefited from six great months with a star performer.

I could not imagine hiring without HireSelect. Our sales executive, Brad, was a dream to work with, understood my needs implicitly, and helped me configure exactly what I needed. For our next hire, I will exclusively use HireSelect to manage all our candidates and their resumes."

Luke Barratt
Director of Engineering
Xtract Solutions

"Push Innovation Live is an outsourced contact center business, which is in an industry that has notoriously high turnover. As recruiting and training costs can be high, increasing employee tenure can drastically influence our profitability. A friend in another high-turnover business swore by the results of cognitive and personality testing from Criteria Corp. and its effect on his employee turnover. We took advantage of a trial of HireSelect and loved what it could do for us.

Our company almost exclusively promotes from within, with each employee starting out as a Phone Support Agent. All applicants are asked to take HireSelect CBST and EPP tests to determine their cognitive skills and personality profile. Only those who meet certain testing baselines are asked to participate in the next step of the recruiting process, which is a phone interview.

We came in with some assumptions about how someone applying for the Phone Support Agent role would likely be a good fit if they were a match for Customer Service. We did find that the average tenure of our agents hired with such a match did increase, but a recent validity study that Criteria Corp. provided helped us pinpoint additional metrics in our scores that have an even greater impact on future employee tenure and performance metrics. Hiring the right candidates with these new suggested scores should increase employee tenure by 17% and increase our correlation to internal performance metrics by more than 50%.

There are so many aspects to the HireSelect offering that are excellent. Unlimited testing is a requirement for us. If unlimited testing wasn't available, we wouldn't have moved forward with the solution, as we are nearly always looking for additional Phone Support Agents. As we've built and improved our testing over time, our Customer Success Manager, Kayla, has been phenomenal in helping make sure we set everything up correctly to get the maximum benefit to the testing and analytics platform. The periodic validity study from Criteria Corp. was an unexpected benefit to help us adjust course with our hiring practices by statistically analyzing correlations between testing scores and internal measures like employee tenure, attendance, and performance."

Chris Mattingly
Chief Operating Officer
Push Innovation Live

"We have found consistency in the test results with our employee's performance and feel this is a great additional step toward hiring the right people for the right positions. In today's competitive hiring environment any additional information that gives us an insight into an applicant's abilities and personality is ultimately beneficial to the bottom line."

Kathy McNay
VP Human Resources
First Bankers Trust Company

"As an HR Manger, it is important to recruit the right people for your organization. It is easy to train someone but difficult to find a good 'fit.'

This was our challenge in 2015. We were using an assessment that did not include a personality profile, and we could find talent but they did not stay. Our turnover was high and we knew we had to find a testing system that allowed us to assess both skills and personality.

I reached out to Criteria Corp after finding them online and was overwhelmed with the kindness and guidance that I received. I signed up for a free trial and liked that the system allowed us to create our own job profiles. It was easy and quick. After sending a trial profile (test battery) to several current employees, we knew immediately that Criteria was the company we were looking for.

It has been a year now and we’ve successfully reduced our turnover. Criteria Corp has helped us along the way to make this a successful partnership."

Sharon Fulcher
Human Resources Manager
Hooker Furniture

"Tech Qualled is a mission based organization dedicated to training transitioning military veterans for jobs in High Tech Sales. We’ve been in business for two years and Criteria Corp has been an integral part of our process. We use their Cognitive and Sales Aptitude Tests to determine if High Tech Sales is a good fit for the veteran. We have really enjoyed working with Criteria Corp because of their professionalism, adaptability, and great product."

Karen Sherriff
Tech Qualled

"We decided to use pre-employment tests because we have limited time to review applicants, and we also wanted to have concrete answers about their skillsets, as opposed to simply hearing what they have to say in an interview. We saw Criteria had a good process flow and a good amount of test options, and after speaking with a sales rep, we were impressed with the testing process.

We use HireSelect to hire Administrative and Customer Service positions, and the testing has reduced the time we spend interviewing and making decisions. It has also made our time more efficient!

The best part is that our dedicated rep helps us understand any results that may not be clear to us. Additionally, the easy-to-use link we send to candidates and the instant results are very useful.

We see testing as part of the future of hiring! Even though hiring is a human-to-human interaction, with today’s fast-paced world, you need results-oriented answers and Criteria Corp gives you those results. We are very happy with Criteria Corp and look forward to using them for many years to come!"

Hiring Manager
American Export Lines

Pro Customer Q&A: Emagine Entertainment

Emagine Entertainment, a movie theater chain operating in Michigan, was one of the earliest adopters of HireSelect® Pro. We asked Shelby Barber, Emagine's Human Resources Manager, what she thinks about the premium service:

What attracted you to HireSelect® Pro?

As a growing company, we knew we needed to fine-tune our hiring process. HireSelect® Pro had all of the options and assessments we were looking for to help us make more informed hiring decisions.

What is your favorite feature of HireSelect® Pro?

The automated emails are brilliant, along with the option to mark whether the candidate has already been contacted, scheduled for an interview, or passed on. We have quite a few managers working from the same candidate pool, and Pro keeps everyone aligned and on the same page.

What are the most common positions you hire for, and what types of tests do you use most?

Most of our employees are hourly crew members. With our new locations consisting of full restaurants, a lot of our staff will also be servers and kitchen employees. We also hire a lot of restaurant and theatre managers to make sure our facilities are run efficiently. We use the CCAT and CBST for aptitude, the WPP as an ethics assessment, and the EPP to evaluate customer service ability. All of these work very well together to give us the best possible idea of whether or not a candidate is a great fit for our company.

Shelby Barber
Human Resources Manager
Emagine Entertainment

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