Many insurance companies — from small agencies to large providers, use Criteria's employment tests to help them hire great employees. Hiring productive salespeople is a primary focus for many insurance companies, and many use the Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP) to do so. The SalesAP is a personality test designed specifically to screen prospective salespeople, and measures a variety of traits that have been linked to success in sales roles, such as Achievement, Competitiveness, Sales Disposition, and Extroversion. Most of our insurance customers pair the Sales AP with either a general skills test (the CBST) or an aptitude test (the CCAT) to ensure that their salespeople have good problem solving skills, learning ability, critical thinking, communication skills, and attention to detail. To read a summary of how one insurance company used our tests to predict performance click on the case study below.

Case Study: Criteria's CCAT Helps Insurance Company Improve Its Hiring Success Rate

  • The CCAT helped an insurance firm make fewer hiring mistakes. 67% of those who passed the test were good employees, versus 26% of those who failed.

Percentage of Good Employees by CCAT Score

Sample Customers

  • Alliance United Insurance
  • Allstate
  • American Integrity Insurance Group
  • Dieter & Associates
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Fastrak Insurance Services
  • Integrity Insurance
  • Kinsale Insurance
  • Landmark Life Insurance
  • McGowan amp; Company, Inc.
  • Meyer & Associates
  • Mutual Insurance Services
  • Show Insurance
  • State Auto Insurance Company
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Vaaler Insurance
  • Wilkinson Insurance Services