Case Studies Restaurant/Lounge Chain Increases Sales with Criteria

The Challenge

A restaurant/nightclub wanted to enhance its hiring process across its 3 locations, in order to increase the percentage of high performing bartenders and wait staff it hired. The employer based its employee performance evaluations largely on the amount of sales individuals created, and wanted to instill a more sales-driven culture in its personnel.

The Solution

The company used the Sales Achievement Predictor to evaluate its bar and restaurant staff. Test scores on the SalesAP* were then compared to job performance ratings provided by company management, who ranked each employee as either a high performer or a low performer.

The Results

A very strong correlation (.46) was observed between overall test score and job performance. There were also moderate to strong correlations between certain sales-related personality traits (eg competitiveness, self-confidence, and initiative) and supervisory ratings.

The table below displays the correlation between SalesAP traits and job performance:

Traits and job performance chart

The predictive validity of the Sales Achievement Predictor for customer-facing positions at the company is further demonstrated by looking at the breakdown of test scores. Only 20% of those who received overall scores of "Not Recommended" were high performers, while every individual who scored "Highly Recommended" on the test was designated a high performers by management. The total sample size was 39 employees.

performance rating charts

*The SalesAP is available for all geographies except Asia-Pacific. 

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