Case Studies Multinational Tech Company Modernizes its Employer Brand with Cognify

The Challenge

A large, multinational technology company wanted to modernize and enhance its candidate experience in order to attract more candidates and to bolster its employer brand. In particular, the organization sought to replace its traditional assessment with a game-based assessment.

The Solution

The organization partnered with Criteria to try out Cognify, one of Criteria’s game-based assessments. Cognify is a cognitive ability assessment that provides an engaging and immersive experience for candidates. The goal was to measure Cognify’s impact on candidate engagement compared to the traditional assessment. The organization also wanted to ensure that Cognify could accurately measure cognitive ability and predict job performance outcomes within the organization. To accomplish this, the study gathered job performance metrics in the form of manager ratings.

Over 220 employees from the United States, United Kingdom, and India participated in the study by completing both Cognify and the traditional cognitive ability assessment.

The Results

The organization’s primary goal for using Cognify was to enhance its employer brand while continuing to accurately measure cognitive ability. The study found that this goal was achieved. A significant relationship was found between Cognify scores and performance outcomes, and Cognify also led to a noticeable lift in the organization’s brand perception.

Based on a survey of employees who participated in the study, it was found that:

  • 74% of participants thought that Cognify aligned better with their perception of the organization compared to the traditional assessment.
  • 60% of participants indicated that the assessment positively influenced their perception of the organization.
  • Participants reported positive impressions of Cognify, describing the assessment as fun, interesting, engaging, different, and challenging.
  • Participants indicated that Cognify would positively influence their decision to accept a role with the organization and motivated them to recommend applying for a role with the organization.
  • Underrepresented minorities in the study felt that Cognify would provide a greater opportunity to showcase their abilities compared to the traditional assessment.

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