Case Studies Leading Transportation and Logistics Company Reduces Workplace Accidents

The Challenge

One of the world’s leading freight transport businesses needed to find a way to identify people who posed a high level of risk for unsafe behavior in order to reduce safety incidents and save themselves time and money in the process.

The Solution

The company completed a 12-month pilot of Criteria’s Workplace Safety Profile (WSP) before rolling it out across the rest of the business. The WSP is a risk assessment that predicts the likelihood that someone may be involved in accidents or cause injury to themselves or others at work.

They assessed 152 drivers and dock workers using the WSP, and then looked at the number of actual workplace accidents, injuries, and sick days each person had experienced during that time.

The Results

Upon analyzing each employee’s safety record, Criteria discovered that compared to the “low risk” employees, the “high risk” group experienced:

six pie charts

Adding the WSP to their recruitment process allowed the company to confidently reduce workplace accidents and injuries by screening out “high risk” candidates before they are hired.

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