Case Studies Cognify Predicts Success Across a Wide Range of Performance Metrics

The Challenge

Criteria partnered with JVR Psychometrics, a leading provider of psychometric assessments in South Africa, to understand the relationship between Cognify and job performance among South African employees. The sample consisted of 115 employees spanning multiple industries including education, professional services and oil and gas, and there was representation across job levels from semi-skilled employees through to top-level management.

The Solution

Employees completed Criteria’s Cognify assessment, an interactive game-based assessment of cognitive ability that measures one’s ability to learn information, reason with numerical and verbal information and solve problems. Employees were then rated by their managers on a job performance survey measuring multiple factors of performance.

The Results

Overall, there was a clear relationship between Cognify scores and overall job performance. Employees who scored in the average range or higher on Cognify received higher overall performance ratings by their managers compared to those scoring in the below average range.

Job performance rating bar chart

Employees who scored in the average range or above on Cognify received more favorable manager ratings across many aspects of job performance compared to employees who scored below average, including:

  • 29% higher ratings for demonstrating technical expertise
  • 20% higher ratings for their accuracy on the job
  • 39% higher ratings for actively learning new skills
  • 26% higher ratings for generating and implementing new ideas
  • 33% higher ratings for dealing with unusual and/or complex situations
  • 22% higher ratings for reacting appropriately to crises
  • 24% higher ratings for influencing coworkers to achieve collective goals

About the Assessment


Cognify brings psychometric assessment into the 21st century. We merged game design thinking with proven cognitive assessment methods to build an engaging and fun experience for candidates. Cognify is suitable for assessing a broad range of role types from entry-level to C-Suite.

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